Ravi Shekhar

Ravi Shekhar

Research Associate

Queen Mary University of London

I am a Post-Doctoral researcher at the Computational Linguistics Lab, Queen Mary University of London working with Matthew Purver. I am working on the EMBEDDIA project to summarize the user-generated content.

In 2019, I obtained a Ph.D. at DISI, the University of Trento. I was supervised by Raffaella Bernardi, University of Trento, and co-supervised by Raquel Fernández, University of Amsterdam. I focused on understanding what language and vision model learns. I was also a visiting scholar for a short time at Dialogue Modelling Group, University of Amsterdam. During my Ph.D., I collaborated with multiple researchers; Barbara Plank, Aurélie Herbelot, Elia Bruni, Enver Sangineto, Moin Nabi, and others

Prior to my Ph.D., I was research assistant at the University of Malaya working with C. S. Chan. I received my M.S. (by Research) Degree with a focus on Computer Vision from CVIT, IIIT Hyderabad under the supervision of C. V. Jawahar. Before that, I worked as a Software Engineer for Accenture Services Pvt. Limited.


  • Natural Language Processing
  • Cross-Lingual Representation
  • Language and Vision Interaction


  • PhD in CSE, 2019

    University of Trento.

  • M.S. (by Research) in CSE, 2013

    IIIT Hyderabad