⚠️ Please note that, I don’t have any funding to support internship.

I am always looking for collaborations. My topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

QMUL Students: please mail me your recent CV with some your interest. Add [QMUL] in your mail subject.

Underrepresented Group Students: Please let me know how can I help you. It could be working towards thesis, helping in your grad school material preparation, or giving early feedback on your working paper etc. Just want to have a chat, I am open for it. Borrowing from Widening NLP Workshop “underrepresented groups in NLP: anyone who self-identifies within an underrepresented demographic [gender, ethnicity, nationality, etc]”. Add [UGS] in your mail subject.

School Students: Want to know what I do, just mail me. Add [SCL] in your mail subject.

Others Students: Please mail me your CV and area with some rough project sketch you are interested. Add [OTHR] in your mail subject.

Be respectful of each others time.